4 Quick and Easy NUTritious Post-Workout Snacks

Working out and eating healthy can be very difficult! It really is so important for us to take care of our bodies by staying active and eating right! If you are just a beginner or are a seasoned workout veteran, then you will enjoy these 4 post work-out snacks that will help you properly refuel your body and help your muscles recover after exercising. 

These are all very easy to make and they taste great! Check out my 4 favorite post-work snacks below. For more healthy snack ideas and NUTritious ways on how to restore your energy, check out has been a family business since 1929 by selling the highest quality nuts, dried fruits and healthy foods. Happy eating!  

1. No-Bake Peanut Butter Protein Balls

2 Cups Oatmeal (dry)
2/3 Coconut Flakes
1 Cup Ground Flax Seed
1 Tbsp. Chia Seeds
1 Cup Peanut Butter
1 Tbsp Vanilla Extract
2/3 Cup of Honey
1 Tbsp Cinnamon
1/2 Cup of Dark Chocolate Chips


First, put all the dry ingredients (oats, coconut flakes, flaxseeds, chia seeds and cinnamon) in a large bowl and mix together. Next, add in the peanut butter, vanilla, honey and chocolate chips and stir. If the mixture seems too dry, add a tsp. of water or a bit more honey. 

Now place the bowl with all the ingredients into the fridge for at least 30 minutes to chill. After 30 minutes, roll into small balls that are about 1 inch in size. Make sure to store your Protein Balls in an air tight container in the fridge so they stay fresh all week long! This is one snack that always keeps me full and energized throughout the day. 

2. Fresh Salsa and Rice Chips

3-4 Tomatoes
1/2 Packet of Concord Foods Seasoning Mix
(You can cut up a purple onion and toss that in as well)

Cut about about 3-4 tomatoes. Then add the tomatoes and a 1/2 a packet of Concord Foods Seasoning Mix to your bowl and stir. If you want the salsa to be spicier you can add the whole packet in. This is best when it is cold, so you can either eat it right away or wait 30 minutes till it chills. I crave this salsa at least once a week. It is so fresh, and has a lot less sodium than most salsas you buy at the store.

3. Cheese, Crackers and an Apple

8 Back to Nature Multi Seed Rice Thin Crackers
A few slices of Cheddar Cheese
Any fruit of your choice. I love green apples!

It can't get much simpler or more tastier than cheese, crackers and an apple. Cutting out bread and pasta was very difficult for me until I found these Rice Thin Crackers. 15 crackers is 130 calories, 180mg of sodium and 24 grams of carbohydrates. They are made with brown rice, sesame seeds, poppy seeds and flax seeds plus they are delicious! Instead of cheese I will substitute either peanut butter or turkey slices to switch it up every once and awhile. 

4. Tropical Vitamin Blast Smoothie with Almonds

Handful of Spinach
Frozen berries (strawberries, raspberries, blueberries - I put all three in)
Frozen Peaches
Frozen Mangos
1 Cut up apple
Frozen Pineapples
1 Cup Water

This is my favorite post-workout smoothy. It has a ton of vitamins and minerals plus you're getting your daily dose of fruit in a delicious way. I mix all these ingredients in my NutriBullet, but you can also use a blender as well. Sometimes I add flax seed and chia seeds to get some more antioxidants and Omega-3's. Since I do not put protein in my smoothy, I like to have a handful of almonds to satisfy my hunger. This is a great snack after working out on those hot summer days!

What are some of your favorite healthy snacks?  

Eat, Lift and Be Happy

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