Love At First Sight

I love when you see a product in the store and you are drawn to it. Everything about it is beautiful! You could not possibly leave it behind in the store because then you would go home and regret passing it by. I recently found a couple products that I could not live without! I know I sound like a crazy person, but I get so excited buying new products and using them for the first time! I have been known to not even use a product for a little while after I buy it because it is so beautiful (okay now I really sound like a crazy person). 

In all seriousness, if you're a makeup enthusiasts like me, then you know exactly what I am talking about. These two products I recently picked up are to die for and they are certainly products that I will purchase again and again! 

The first is the Benefit Hello Flawless Oil Free Foundation. I tried a sample of this and absolutely fell in love! The coverage is amazing and I feel like I have nothing on. This foundation also stays on throughout the whole day, which is absolutely brilliant! It really does brighten your skin as well. My skin looks healthy and energized when I put this on. I also love that it is oil free, yet it has a sunscreen. Foundations tend to clog my pores, so I only will be oil free ones, to keep my skin from breaking out. I of course purchased the lightest color foundation. It's overall just a beautiful product that I highly recommend! 

I have developed a real problem with lipsticks lately, especially the Revlon Super Lustrous Lipsticks. I just find the colors to be absolutely gorgeous and true to there pigment. I wanted to look for lipsticks that could be used every day. I wanted something subtle but still brightened up your every day makeup look. From left to right these colors are 801 Pink Cloud and 805 Kissable Pink. I have bought so many of these Revlon Lipsticks, but these two are my favorites!

Now that I have been wearing makeup everyday for work, I try and buy high quality products that are going to last me the day and have great coverage. I can always count on these products to get me through the day!


Summer Loving

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