Fall Favorites

There are just some products you can't live without. I've gone a bit crazy with buying products lately, but I can't help it! There is just so many to try. These are just some of my recent favorites that I've been obsessing over. I use most of them every day and honestly do not know how I've gone this long without them in my life! 

Primark finally came to Boston!!! I spent hours in there looking at every single thing and of course I ended up spending way more money than I should have. Anyways, I came across these lipsticks while I was shopping and was a little nervous about buying them because they were $2.00. Cheap makeup is usually always a bad idea. I ended up talking myself into buying the Scorch and Candy Shop lipsticks since they were ONLY $2.00. Now I'm obsessed. These lipsticks are amazing! You can drink, eat (even kiss) and the color stays on your lips! The pigment is gorgeous as well. I wear the Scorch lipstick all the time. Now I need to go back and get more colors! 

I have never tried mousse before. I was honestly scared of it because I didn't know how much or when to put it in my hair. I also thought it would make my hair really hard and be difficult to wash out. I was very, very wrong. I cannot believe I have lived this long without mousse. I am fully obsessed now. Of all the types I have tried The Matrix Volume Builder Mousse is my favorite. It smells amazing and it give my hair a nice boost! I have tried a lot of product lines but I always go back to Matrix. 

With the holidays right around the corner, I decided I needed a gold eye shadow. I had bought a few in the past and I absolutely hated them. It is so important not to cheap out on eye shadow. You want a product that is going to have nice coverage and stay on your eye lids all day without falling under your eyes (or in them!). Last time I was in Ulta I picked up the bareMinerals True Gold Eye Shadow. It is gorgeous! It has long-lasting coverage and is very sparkly! I also bought the iT Airbrush Smokey Liner brush so that I could put this on flawlessly. After I put on the gold eye shadow, I usually will put some brown eye shadow in the crease and outer corners of my eye for an every day look. You can never go wrong with sparkly eye shadow.  

This is not only my favorite fall product, but my also my favorite product of all time. I love, love, love this Jergens BB Body Skin Perfecting Cream. I usually put this on at night and in the morning my skin is absolutely glowing! I am really light-skinned, so sometimes when I use self-tanners they make me look orange. This lotion just gives me a nice glow, while also perfecting and moisturizing my skin. I highly recommend trying this product. WARNING you will fall in love!

I have bought so many mascara's over the years but never really found one I loved. The search is over because I found The Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara! It does not clump up and it makes my lashes look really long. A lot of mascara's tend to smudge and fall under my eyes by the end of the day, but this one doesn't seem to do that as much. It's a keeper!

One of my favorite bloggers/vloggers of all time came out with a makeup line! I would highly recommend checking out Tanya Burr's blog and Youtube channel! I practically learned how to do my makeup because of her. Anyways, I bought two of her lip glosses, Just Peachy and Picnic in the Park. They are beautiful. They smell really good and stay on my lips a lot longer than other lip glosses. This looks really nice over the Primark Lipsticks too! 

Do you have any favorite products you've been using lately?

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